Day Treatment

OLA’s school based/afterschool program provides services for youth and adolescents from ages 3 to 21 with educational, behavioral, and emotional challenges who are at risk of out-of-school/home placement. OLA seeks to address educational/social needs of youth by providing training, education, encouragement and support to empower youth to function at their optimal capacity thus enabling them to be in an integral member of the community.

Goal to promote the development of positive social and family relationships and decrease aggressive and suppressing behaviors that damage family dynamics by providing intervention services tailored to meet the needs of the family unit.

Services include:

    • Individual and Group Therapy
    • Self-Esteem Building
    • Social Skills Training
    • Behavioral Self-Control
    • Coping Skills Building
    • Communication Building
    • Weekly Family Counseling
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Anger Management
    • Life Skills Training

Services are provided to Medicaid recipients at NO COST.