Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to the Admission process?

  • Referrals will be screened by the Program Director or designee
  • The individual/family will be notified of program requirements
  • Once eligibility is confirmed, services will begin immediately.

Will OLA transport on the day of admission for group home services?
Yes. OLA will partner with the referee to ensure a smooth transition.

Can OLA service me/my client/child?
Click on the following hyperlink Admission Criteria for eligibility criteria.

How much does services cost?
Intensive In-Home, Mental Health Skill-Building and Day Treatment services are provided to Medicaid recipients at NO cost. We welcome FAMIS and Comprehensive Services Act funding. Contact us for a complete schedule of fees.

Does OLA handle emergency and short-term placements in the group homes?
Yes. OLA will partner with referees to process emergency placements as quickly as possible. OLA also prides itself on having an ability to meet short term needs.